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Mobile Application Development

Our teams can help support Level 1,2 and 3 activities for any custom (or) off-the-shelf application including Cloud-Based Applications. Miracle is the expert in providing 24/7 support through its trusted and proven Hybrid Global Delivery Model based on our multiple Offshore Development Facilities.

Web & Application development services offered by Vunathi span the entire application lifecycle. Our comprehensive delivery options enable us to distribute work across global locations to align with clients cost, time, and risk requirements. This flexible mix of solutions enables clients to maximize the efficiency of their applications portfolios - giving them the means to achieve competitive advantage.Vunathi distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering highly qualified and affordable services.
Vunathi has built experienced & high-performance software project teams fine-tuned to keep the software development costs low and the quality high.

We employ time-tested practices that result in:

  • Price control: Cost overruns are eliminated
  • Predictability: Schedules can be trusted!
  • High visibility: Production-grade functionality is delivered every two weeks!
  • Reliability: High productivity is a natural result of high quality!

Platforms we design & develop

Native Mobile Application (iOS and Android)


The customized services we offer are:

  • Android App UX / UI Design
  • Native & Hybrid App Development
  • Android App Programming
  • App Testing for flawless Performance
  • App Redesigning
  • App Support & Maintenance